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Tax Return Loan in 24‑48 hours


Unsecured Business Financing

Tax Return Loan

$50,000 – $350,000

Use your Gross Annual Income to get long-term unsecured funding for your business at low fixed rates. This will allow you to maximize your growth opportunities while still having the ability to repay early with no prepayment penalties.

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Unsecured Small Business Loans

NOT a Mortgage or a HELOC

This lending program is perfect for business owners, self-employed, freelancers, consultants, independent contractors, realtors, freight/transport professionals, and more. It allows us qualify borrowers based on revenue (not profits) using mainly Tax Returns.

Draw the cash you need directly into your checking account based on your strength of income. This is a favorite among self-employed borrowers or newer business owners because of its attractive rates, no prepayment penalties and more importantly, this is unsecured funding, NOT a Mortgage or a HELOC.

Your Income

Lenders want to be sure that you have enough income to repay any new loans. When you apply for a loan we will ask for proof of income. Your tax returns, and bank statements will most likely provide sufficient proof of income. Then, we will evaluate how much of a burden your new loan payment will be relative to your monthly income. This is typically a calculating a debt-to-income ratio.

Approval for Unsecured Loans

To get an unsecured loan, you do not need to pledge anything as collateral. Instead, the lender will evaluate your loan application based on your ability to repay (as opposed to the lender’s ability to sell your assets and collect what you owe). Lenders look at several factors to decide whether or not you’re likely to repay.

Your Credit

Lenders check your borrowing history to see if you’ve successfully paid off loans in the past. Based on the information in your credit reports, a computer creates a credit score, which is a shortcut for evaluating your creditworthiness. To get an unsecured loan, you’ll need good credit. If you’ve done very little borrowing in the past or have poor credit consider taking steps to build your credit score before you apply for an unsecured loan.

Personal financial statements

If you are a small business, you'll need to add your personal guarantee to any loan the bank makes. The banker will want to see your tax return and balance sheets showing personal net worth. Most banks have preprinted forms that make pulling these figures together relatively easy.

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Loans That Empower Over 500,000 Small Businesses

Providing quick loans, lines of credit, or cash advances to small businesses, outside of the traditional forms of credit offered by a bank, credit union, or the SBA.

SMB Loans (a branch of Business Funding New York LLC) offers unsecured short-term loans ranging from $10,000 – $1,000,000 that can cover a number of needs like operational cash-flow, renovations, inventory, storage, or new equipment to give your company the edge it needs to effectively compete.

Our Alternative Loan selection includes Working Capital Loans, Small Business Lines of Credit, Best Startup Loans, Merchant Cash Advances, Low Credit Loans, Bridge Loans, and Equipment Financing.

While many small business owners think that traditional sources of business capital are the answer, as an alternative lender we are able to provide much quicker access to cash, a significantly easier and streamlined process, and more flexible lending programs process than these institutional lenders.

Our uncollateralized loans are designed to support small and mid-sized businesses in a variety of markets and financial situations where there is difficulty receiving traditional business loans. The high approval rates mean that we say ‘yes' when traditional lenders say 'no'.

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SMB Loans, a Branch of Business Funding New York LLC, is comprised of a group of highly experienced and seasoned, certified, financial professionals.

With our knowledge and expertise, we will find a solution for all your financing needs. Unlike a bank, or local lending institution, which only lend to the most credit-worthy businesses, SMB Loans with its relationships and national lenders, will match you with the fastest and most affordable financing options you need.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of customer service. Over the last several years, we have established a reputation as leaders in our field by going above and beyond to ensure your needs and expectations are always met and exceeded.

Please contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation analysis of your financing needs. A member of our professional staff will contact you to discuss your business’s short and long-term financial needs.


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